I am such a nerd.


Today, I taught myself how to create a MySQL database and user/password on my local virtual server, and then I did the same thing on the server where I pay to host my website.

I am REALLY excited about this.


Just don’t get them confused.

Best. Mug. Ever.

From Photojojo.


This is the last class.

I’m not going to miss parking here. I’m not going to miss the obnoxious construction every summer, or the concrete wind tunnel that every college campus becomes during the winter. I’m definitely not going to miss the ever-shifting schedule that made both work and leisure time difficult to manage.

But, you see, there are these people. Quite a lot of them are really amazing people. And until today, I had an excuse – an imperative – to spend time with them regularly and frequently.

John, Jessy, Jessica, Jeremiah, Sam, Samantha, Teresa, Teena, Rob, Robin, Casey, Aaron, Leigh, Andrea, Amy, Amy, Ana, Tom, Tim, Jim, Beth, Barbara, Emily, Danielle, Mary, Allen, Jackie, Megan, Lauren, Katie, Brooke, Brandon, Chris, Christy, Alex, Paul, William, Sarah, Susan, Melinda, Melissa, Todd, Matthew . . .

Your work has inspired me. Your instruction has made me better. Your personalities have made college better. I will miss you.

Last night was my Senior BFA Exhibition.

It was effectively my graduation. I’m certainly not waiting around until May and then walking. I did it once. Doing it again is somehow not the proper ending for what this has been.

The show last night was absolutely the proper ending for it. It all went so much faster than I expected. I got to meet a man who works at a very nice ad agency here in town, and who asked some pointed questions about where I am currently working. I got to see my dearest friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time. I got to introduce my mom, stepdad, and friends to the man who is the reason I decided to become a designer. Then I got to listen to him tell them the story of my first Digital Imaging class – the same story I’ve been telling them for five years now. I think that was the best moment of all of it.

Not long ago, I did a class project that called for the design of a movie standee. I chose to create a design for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Last night reminded me of it again, because of this exchange:

“This is it, Joel. It’s going to be gone soon.”
“I know.”
“What do we do?”
“Enjoy it.”

Is it wrong to suddenly want an iPad . . .

. . . just so I can put it in this case?

iPad Etch-A-Sketch Case

From http://getaheadcase.com/ipad.html.